Studying and working
Niemenkatu 73

The LAMK campus area consists of the campuses in Niemenkatu and Mukkulankatu.

LAMK has already operated for years in Niemenkatu and will continue its operations in the same location in the future as well. The new Mukkulankatu facilities, which will be completed in the summer 2018, will complement the NiemiCampus and serve as LAMK’s headquarters.

Learning facilities

Various learning spaces are found all around the campus, in two floors. The multifunctional spaces can be transformed for many purposes. Some of the learning spaces are bookable while others are freely available at all times.

Bookable spaces are intended for carrying out specific type of work. Larger groups are able to work in these facilities as well.

Freely available spaces are perfect for studying alone or in a group, especially in a small group.

Bookable learning spaces are indicated in the map.

Special facilities, workshops & labs

Specialised space (computer networking laboratory) C232

Learning space (digi) C236, 237

Specialised space (server room) C231, C230

Learning space (digi) C224

Learning space (digi) C225

Specialised space (software engineering and visualisation) C220

Specialised space (augmented reality laboratory) C221

Specialised space (ICT nat. sci. & math. workspace / el. phys. laboratory) C226

5 large-scale printing spaces (2D & 3D printing) A239, A241- A243

Audiovisual production unit

Specialised space (recording studio) A217

Limu Radio A124

Specialised space (recording studio 1) A216

Specialised space (video colour correction and post-processing) A227

Specialised space (editing 1) A215

Specialised space (editing 2) A219

Audiovisual machine room A218

Specialised space (screening) A220

Specialised space (picture processing laboratory 1A,1B,2A) A221, A222, A223

Studio’s light storage A233

Specialised space (green room) A234

Specialised space (picture processing) A237

Specialised space (photo laboratory) A239


The campus has an auditorium which can be divided into three parts.

The auditorium is 1,190 square metres in total and seats 600 people.

Two smaller auditoriums are 250 square metres.

The auditoriums can be combined into one or transformed into functional entities.

Silent facilities

The campus has five quiet workspaces which are intended for those who wish to work in silence. If you need a moment of peace and quiet, these spaces are freely at your disposal.

  • Quiet workspace for students and staff: A140
  • Quiet staffzones: C205 and C208, C239, D261

Co-working facilities are located along the campus’ main corridors. These workspaces are available to all and transform easily into a individual or group working space, meeting space or temporary exhibition space.

Booking facilities

Various campus facilities can be booked via the Student’s Desk Peppi. Some facilities are freely available for booking while others require logging in to Peppi with personal credentials.

Bookings can be checked

  • at
  • from the door tablets at the campus
  • in the LAMK App

Door tablets and the LAMK App can also be used for booking facilities.

Cancelling a booking

At the campus, cancelling bookings is also easy! A booking can be cancelled from the same system that was used for making the booking. The facilities become automatically available for use if they are not occupied within 15 minutes of the booking.  

Booking facilities for companies and private persons

The campus offers companies and private persons the opportunity to book work and conference facilities at an affordable price. Bookings can be made in the Study&Meet-system. 


Multi-space offices intended for the staff will vary in ambience and decor. All multi-space offices have modern workstations, i.e. an electric desk and an ergonomically adjustable chair.

The workstations will have three different equipment levels:

  • Stop-by station with no screen or keyboard
  • Workstation with a docking station, screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Workstation with 2–3 screens, docking station, keyboard and mouse

The operating principles of these multi-space offices will be compiled in March 2018 together with the staff. 

Exhibition facilities

An approximately 80-square-metre exhibition space at the campus’ first floor restaurant area. In addition, various exhibition stands and display cabinets are found across the campus.