Access with ID card

You can use your ID card to access the facilities at Mukkulankatu 19 (within the limits of your access rights). You should wear your ID card in a visible place when moving in the premises. Everyone can contribute to the promotion of safety and the development of a positive safety culture.

Part of the facilities are open 24/7

Part of the campus facilities are accessible 24/7, but some facilities are accessible to students only when staff is present. Everyone is responsible for making sure that doors remain locked and that unauthorised persons do not access the facilities. If you notice any suspicious activity or unauthorised persons at the campus, report it to the lobby service personnel and/or the guard. In case of emergency, call the emergency telephone number 112.

Read the emergency plan

You can read the campus emergency plan at LAMK’s intranet (Respa) or obtain a paper version from the lobby service desk. The emergency plan contains instructions for different emergencies.

In case of emergency, it is important to use the nearest exit. We recommend students to explore the facilities in advance and take notice of the exits, fire protection equipment, the locations of first aid kits and defibrillators, and other rescue-related matters. Participation in safety walks and exit drills organised in the property is highly recommended.