Everyday and Leisure Services
LAMK Shop / Showroom

Joyful energy, fresh ideas, ecological thinking – the new LAMK Shop combines all these and much more. For those who value unique, locally designed and prepared products.

Be a part of our success story where we gather the skills and know-how of our talented students. Whether you are looking for inspiration for a gift, souvenir or something to cheer up your day, LAMK

Shop is here for you.

Come and explore our seasonally changing products and themes. You can find us on the street level near the main entrance of the campus.


Local services

There are several services, such as shops and restaurants, in the vicinity of the campus. Services that are only a walking distance away include:

  • S-Market Mukkula/Ritaniemenkatu 7-9, 1.3 km(16 min by foot, 4 min by bike, 2 min by car)
  • ABC-Kivimaa, 1.6 km (20 min by foot, 6 min by bike)
  • Holman Prisma, 2.0 km (25 min by foot, 7 min by bike)
  • Sinuhe restaurant & bakery/Vuoripojankatu, 260 m, (3 min by foot)
  • Ace Corner Cafe & Finland’s Motorcycle Museum, 1.4 km (17 min by foot, 5 min by bike)